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Upper East Side »

In each burglary, Thomas Cronin would ride up on a bike and throw a rock into the window or door.

Upper East Side »

Ekwan Hill is currently jailed at the Manhattan Detention Complex in Lower Manhattan.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police said the man fell asleep after boarding the train at the Atlantic Avenue station.

Upper East Side »

An Upper East Side man was arrested for grabbing a sunbather's butt on Wednesday.

Upper East Side »

Ekwan Hill was arraigned on Saturday for smearing feces on two different women, authorities say.

Fort Greene »

The men spent $2,953 after stealing a woman's wallet from the Greene Grape Annex, police said.

Bushwick »

Christopher Pickering and Elizabeth Thompkins were found dead inside their home at 526 Central Ave.

Clinton Hill »

The attack happened at the corner of Washington and Myrtle avenues in Clinton Hill, police said. 


Police arrested 18-year-old Joey Levy for choking and robbing the mother of his child.

Upper East Side »

Police are searching for a man who robbed three banks in the last week.

Fort Greene »

Marlon Sewell has been indicted for second-degree manslaughter in the December 2015 Fort Greene crash.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Murray Weiss and Jeff Mays discussed the ongoing NYPD corruption scandal with BRIC TV live last night

Williamsburg »

The thief pinched M&Ms, Skittles, Starburst, 3 Musketeer bars and more worth $1,800.

Vinegar Hill »

Police have charged Cheyenne Wright, 29, in last week's fatal shooting at the Farragut Houses.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Three teens stole $400 from a Borough Hall newsstand owner last week, police said.