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Downtown Brooklyn »

The boy was walking on Fulton and Bond streets when the thief took the shoes, police said.

Clinton Hill »

The two got into an argument after the customer complained that his order was wrong, police said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The woman snatched the purse by cutting a wire on a display case, police said.

Civic Center »

October saw the fewest murders in modern history, with rapes and shootings up slightly, the NYPD said. 

Downtown Brooklyn »

The letter reportedly stated that “well-trained” killers would assassinate the borough president.

Fort Greene »

Commanding Officer John Buttacavoli introduced the precinct's NCOs Wednesday.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The cart was stolen from the restaurant at 6 Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 17, police said. 

Fort Greene »

The man was looking at a map while standing on the street in Fort Greene, police said.

Ridgewood »

Two women were arrested in the fight that began over loud skateboarding, according to police.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Josanne Hernandez, 27, spent $3,452.64 at Target, Walgreens and clothing websites, police said.

Navy Yard »

Three men stole several iPads and an Apple Watch from a B & H Photo and Video warehouse, police said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Shagufta Riaz, 42, said the man hit her with the walking stick after calling her a "Muslim b----."

Brooklyn Heights »

Police say the man took a bag containing the victim's cell phone while he was playing soccer on Pier 5.

Upper East Side »

Police arrested John Gregg on Monday after he tried to knock over two banks, they said.

Upper East Side »

Police are searching for a man they say tried to grab the baby Sunday on the Upper East Side.