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Tiny apartment? Crushing prices? Unforgiving city? Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or just improve your quality-of-life, Apartmentality has everything you need to know.

Governors Island »

These old city buildings are getting new lives as spaces for affordable housing, artists and tech jobs.

Upper East Side »

The city's housing boom means more new seats are needed in schools, parents warn.

Greenpoint »

Some renters offer to pay a year of rent up front to get a discount. Not all landlords go for it though.

Inwood »

Tell us your salary and we'll tell you where to start hunting for a roommate-free apartment.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Sometimes tenants are worried about chemicals; sometimes landlords have to force tenants to let them in.

Cobble Hill »

When you file permits with the DOB, you might find yourself on the hook for prior illegal renovations.

Central Harlem »

A primer on preferential rent and why advocates believe it could lead to tenant displacement.

Hamilton Heights »

Harlem and Washington Heights are basking in glow of renewed interest in all things related to Hamilton.

Central Harlem »

Test your New York City smarts. Can you guess what neighborhoods these residential buildings call home?

Stapleton »

Urby Staten Island at Stapleton Navy Base is offering luxury units from $1,735 to $3,680.

Central Harlem »

Housing for musicians in Harlem, space for dancers at CUNY campuses and other methods keep artists here.

Brooklyn Heights »

Expert stagers and brokers share their secrets to making homes smell their best for apartment showings.

Upper West Side »

Take a peek into dream-worthy green spaces in New York City's residential buildings, old and new.

Lower East Side »

Laws on the city's "Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities" aren't keeping pace with seniors' needs.