West Village »

Luna, a rescue pup from Puerto Rico, is a year and a half old and in need of a home.

Greenwich Village »

The abandoned pup is finally in New York and ready to meet her new family.

Red Hook »

Science says they can recognize some words and they're less likely to follow a misguided leader.

Greenwich Village »

Lily, a rescued dog from Puerto Rico, is being flown to her new family in New York City.

West Village »

Artist SuZen is famous for a mural that has been on display in Times Square for three decades.

Greenwich Village »

Animal Lighthouse Rescue said it will take weeks to get Lily from Puerto Rico to her new owner.

Belmont »

The cubs needed 24-hour care from zookeepers, but now seem healthy and strong.

Upper East Side »

Attend a fashion show, fly a kite, buy some art, or enjoy live jazz music this weekend.

Park Slope »

Invasive plants have been removed and the chain-link fence was replaced with new underwater fencing.

New Dorp »

Lawyers failed to save Caesar the pit bull from death row.

East Williamsburg »

Get rid of your pets in 48 hours or we'll get rid of you, a letter from the management company reads.

Prospect Park South »

The fawn was born in early August and has not yet been named.

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