Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Kayak-Riding Dogs Chase Geese Out of Hudson River Park

The park hired the dogs to deal with flocks of Canada geese that were causing trouble at Clinton Cove.

West Village »

Artist SuZen, a 40-year resident of Westbeth, is selling her JacCATs on Indiegogo.

Belmont »

The pups were born in June and have not been named yet.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

The six-goat herd is now chewing near the Vale of Cashmere, the Prospect Park Alliance said.

Prospect Heights »

Visitors to the park have noticed lots of belly-up fish in the water this week.

Belmont »

The Wildlife Conservation Society will attempt to fold enough paper elephants to beat 2014's record. 

Chelsea »

Councilman Corey Johnson will host a Rat Academy Tuesday to teach locals to keep pests at bay.

Midtown »

There's something about the summer heat and humidity that makes roaches want to take flight.

Greenpoint »

Bedbugs, like flying roaches, thrive in the summertime.

Upper East Side »

Know when a local boutique is marking down prices or when a seat opens up at your favorite eatery.

Bushwick »

Hot, steamy weather makes cockroaches fly with joy, experts say.

Prospect Heights »

The department now says anyone age 5 or older with the virus's most-common symptoms should be tested.

Bed-Stuy »

DNAinfo presents all the cat content you need on a very important day 

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