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Woodlawn »

The mother disputes police reports that the target of the shooting was her gang-banger boyfriend.

Pilsen »

The man was in good condition after he was shot in his thigh, cops said.

Grand Crossing »

The 21-year-old man was in stable condition, police said.

New City »

Alberto Valencia, 45, of suburban Round Lake died Tuesday, police said.

Grand Crossing »

Police said they found the man, Raphael Smith, dead of apparent head trauma in his Park Manor apartment.

Auburn Gresham »

Patrick Sykes, 15, was in town visiting family and childhood friends when he was gunned down Thursday.

Auburn Gresham »

Patrick Sykes was  shot to death a block away from his South Side home Thursday afternoon.

Auburn Gresham »

With president here for Downtown fundraisers, shootings marred the S. Side from Pullman to Bronzeville.

Englewood »

One man was shot in the stomach, another in the buttocks and ankle, police said.

Bronzeville »

Incident was on same block where Kevin Ambrose was fatally shot earlier this month.

West Pullman »

The shootings, which are likely related, took place about 1 p.m. in West Pullman, officials said.

South Shore (above 79th) »

Violent holiday weekend included victim killed on block where two others recently were slain.

Englewood »

Jonathan Watkins spoke about his daughter's death for the first time at a Tuesday news conference.

Humboldt Park »

Tevin Kirkman, 22, was killed on the sidewalk in front of his family's home. Relatives don't know why.