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The Block Club is DNAinfo Chicago's blog. It's a place for fun things we see on the internet — or in the neighborhoods. Feel free to loiter.

Lakeview »

Pro tip: If you're having chest pains, don't wait until the game is over to seek medical attention. 

Downtown »

There's a big Buddha in Bridgeport, an Englewood bakery is taking off and Albany Park has a cool tunnel.

Downtown »

It turns out Friday the 13th doesn't happen too often in October.

Hyde Park »

The Michelin Guide has pulled nearly all South Side restaurants off its list of recommendations.

Lincoln Park »

Don't smash the bugs on your couch; otherwise you'll have the smell all over you, an expert says.

Lincoln Square »

Squirrels are at their most active in the fall, and will produce unintended consequences come spring.

Downtown »

NBA Hall of Famer's home has massive smoke eaters to clear the air.

Morgan Park »

McNally's poked fun at the team's losing streak for years, and kept it up during the 2016 title run.

Logan Square »

The old building, 2535 W. Armitage Ave., used to house streetcars until the 1950s.

Rogers Park »

Though "pork chop island" sounds like a magical, delicious place, it's actually a traffic term.

Downtown »

Sour Patch Kids have become hugely popular in Illinois this holiday.

Downtown »

The new QB has folks optimistic: Here's why. 

Downtown »

The global financial services company is getting into the Cubs spirit.