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Ants That Smell Like Blue Cheese Among 22 Kinds That Could Be In Your Home

Researchers have found 22 species of ants living all over Chicago. And there might be even more.

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Watching a cane toad eat is so gross — and so cool — you can't look away.

Edgewater »

High water levels expose the neighborhood's lack of dog-friendly areas, dog owners say.

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The Rev. Ricardo Castillo-Castillo has been fascinated with peacocks' plumage for most of his life.

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It's nesting season for geese. Has a family made its home on a rooftop in Lincoln Square?

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You'll be able to bring home a kitten, puppy, dog or cat at PAWS' Adopt-A-Thon Friday and Saturday.

West Ridge »

The kid-friendly event includes identifying and watching birds, making feeders and exploring nature.

Lakeview »

Bel-Port Liquors will close in May after 34 years in Lakeview.

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It's Friday so here are pictures of animals. 

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Shedd Aquarium has a new dolphin calf after its mom came back from Miami pregnant. 

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Crowned lemurs are native to Madagascar, where they forage for fruits and leaves in tree canopies.

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The collie, rescued from a rail yard, had fur so thick it couldn't stretch its legs.

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The city has dozens of fishing spots filled with salmon, perch, bass, crappie, catfish and more.

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And the Jardine Bird Sanctuary is off limits to everyone except a few select employees.

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