Ukrainian Village »

Field Museum scientists banded some new peregrine falcon chicks as a mother raptor protected her young.

Downtown »

Starting in spring, countless spiders make their way up Chicago high-rises. Here's why.

Hyde Park »

Researchers have found prehistoric creatures, fish and other wildlife at Morgan Shoal.

Downtown »

Aldermen Leslie Hairston and Raymond Lopez called for the ordinance to be delayed at least a month.

Wrigleyville »

Ring-billed gulls frequently descend on Wrigley to dine on discarded peanuts, Cracker Jack and hotdogs.

McKinley Park »

The Furever Rescue founder's boyfriend allegedly killed her dog and is linked to another dog found dead.

Garfield Park »

Jennifer Murtoff helps city residents create backyard chicken domains, and help keep their birds happy.

Downtown »

With rats and geese to chase, city should leave the animals alone, alderman proposes.

Downtown »

Ald. Willie Cochran said some residents have yards with "five, 10, 15 pounds of poop, and it smells."

Downtown »

We asked fish and weather experts. They gave us the science — or lack thereof — behind a "sharknado."

Downtown »

"If rats can't feed, they can't breed," said Shannon Breymaier, spokeswoman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Downtown »

Ald. Brian Hopkins wants to leave the rat predators to their own devices whenever possible.

Logan Square »

Some dog owners have donated more than $600 to have their dogs painted on the mural.

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