Downtown »

Ride The Waves Of Lake Michigan In This Glorious Summer Boat Video

Pro sailors took us on a summer cruise where we enjoyed and snapped plenty of skyline pics. 

Heart of Chicago »

Lake Shore Drive will play host to the 15th edition of Bike The Drive on Sunday.

South Loop »

The passes cover games through December, indicating that construction is unlikely to start this year.

South Loop »

Lake Shore Drive will be a mess Friday and Saturday before it is closed entirely Sunday morning.

Washington Heights »

The Third Baptist Church in Washington Heights will host the event from 5-8 p.m. Friday.

Morgan Park »

The east parking lot of the police station at 1900 W. Monterey Ave. will host a classic car show June 8.

Canaryville »

The event starts at 12:15 p.m. at the neighborhood’s Victory Garden.

Hyde Park »

Ald. Leslie Hairston said she's concerned a proposed visitors center is now too much for the park.

Downtown »

The pier's newest and biggest attraction opens Friday. 

Wicker Park »

How are skateboarders, cyclists, joggers, walkers, toddlers all getting along on a 12-foot-wide path? 

Mt. Greenwood »

The Basketball Tournament will play its Midwest regional July 16-17 at Saint Xavier's Shannon Center. 

Roseland »

The Bigs, a local sports website, was created by Terrence Tomlin and Eugene McIntosh. 

The Loop »

DNAinfo rolls out our Outdoors Drinks and Entertainment guides for neighborhoods all over the city. 

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