Rogers Park »

Principal Carlos Patiño said the school could handle mid-year CPS cuts, "but it leaves us very thin."

Bridgeport »

The cuts announced Tuesday were $20 million more than CPS Forrest Claypool had originally proposed .

Near West Side »

The Teachers Union is organizing dozens of walk-ins across the city on Feb. 17 to protest budget cuts.

Woodlawn »

The charter school is expected to move in 2017 to its new building and add 100 new students.

Englewood »

The school's principal said he was prepared for the cuts.

Bucktown »

No teachers will lose jobs at Burr this year, Principal William Klee assured worried parents.

Mt. Greenwood »

Morgan Park High School will lose the most money, while Keller gets hit hardest by percentage.

Avondale »

Nine public schools in Avondale escaped another $1 million loss thanks to federal money and carryover.

Downtown »

The school won't fire teachers, but will need a six-figure donation to address a $175,000 budget cut.

Gold Coast »

Two Chicago Public School students were selected to join the Times ' Spring Student Council.

Lincoln Park »

Lincoln Park High School won't see any layoffs now, but might not be as lucky in the future.

Hyde Park »

Fest organizers said it was too hard to get volunteers and attendance was too low to do a third day.

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