Lincoln Square »

Amundsen, Curie, Kennedy and South Shore high schools will offer the rigorous program in the fall.

Chatham »

Jahmal Cole appeared Thursday on the "Today Show" and gave host Al Roker one of the group's hoodies.

Uptown »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called Gov. Rauner's action "reckless and irresponsible."

Hyde Park »

Academics in anthropology and history are trying to sort out the academic questions about Trump.

Albany Park »

Community meetings will be held to allow for public feedback.

Old Town »

A merger between the two schools could occur by the 2018-19 school year.

Bridgeport »

Chicago will remain a sanctuary city despite Donald Trump's election as president, Mayor Emanuel said.

Lincoln Park »

Hundreds of high-schoolers will "live" a day with a disability and educate others on proper etiquette.

Garfield Park »

Morton School is among 25 schools to be named a semi-finalist in the Fab School Labs Makeover Contest.

Lincoln Park »

DePaul University confirmed Kyle Hawkins is an admissions counselor, but gave out no other information.

Norwood Park »

The principal will undergo chemotherapy treatments in the coming weeks, according to a note from alumni.

Uptown »

Calvin Curtiss slept on a floor mattress at The Crib shelter. He wants to become a massage therapist.

West Loop »

Here's what the $20 million expansion at the prestigious West Loop school will likely look like. 

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