Woodlawn »

Trump took to Twitter to say Chicago's violence will lead African Americans to vote for him.

Washington Park »

Steverson is already facing charges stemming from a July protest.

Pilsen »

“We raised the rent because everything is going up in Pilsen," the building's landlord said.

Downtown »

Officials signed off on the honor in 2006, long before he became the controversial presidential nominee.

Bridgeport »

A state official once called the Sox lease "the most lucrative and one-sided deal" a ball team ever got.

Uptown »

The rally will be held on Sept. 8 at the Peoples Church of Chicago, 941 W. Lawrence Ave.

Downtown »

"There's no strategic plan right now for training in the Department," said Lori Lightfoot.

Downtown »

Performance artist Bea Sullivan-Knoff filed a federal suit against the city charging sex discrimination.

Downtown »

Trump cited a meeting he had with "a top police officer in Chicago who's not the police chief."

River North »

U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth: Kirk has "joined a rogues' gallery" of the president's "unhinged critics."

Old Town »

The advocates filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the city's 2009 "bubble zone" ordinance.

Downtown »

Filmmaker Marc Levin's latest documentary "Class Divide" set to screen at Siskel Film Center.

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