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A series of public hearings begins Aug. 4 at the South Shore Cultural Center.

The Loop »

"Clout much?" CTU protester yells, regarding governor's efforts to get his daughter into Payton in 2008.

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An email sent to philanthropists in 2011 was turned over to the  Tribune  by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office.

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2,223 people have been killed or wounded in 1,817 shootings since Jan. 1, according to DNAinfo records.

Wicker Park »

Moreno, Hopkins dismiss ex-city watchdog Faisal Khan's allegations.

Downtown »

A subsequent vote to scuttle a referendum on city lobbying failed in the City Council as well.

Gold Coast »

The 30th Bughouse Square Debates will feature Studs Terkel recordings, activists and intellectuals.

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The investigation was sparked by accusations a city lawyer hid evidence in a police shooting case.

Downtown »

Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa's bid to reinstate the corporate head tax was instantly derailed.

Norwood Park »

In bid to encourage diversity, aldermen dropped a $30 fee charged to take the police or fire entry exam.

South Loop »

The city seeks $11 million in TIF funds, more than previously reported, for the neighborhood school. 

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"There are too many guns, too few values and not a sense of consequence," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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The City Council approved a plan that supporters said will encourage more people to recycle.

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