Oct 18 | 11:39pm | 
Wrigleyville »

Behind Javier Baez and Jake Arrieta, the Cubs won their first game of the NLCS.

Oct 18 | 6:15pm | 
Wicker Park »

DMK Restaurants, which owns Werewolf, has been managing and upgrading the cafe.

Oct 18 | 5:31pm | 
Avondale »

A few kids were transported for "evaluations," police said, after the branch shattered a windshield.

Oct 18 | 4:11pm | 
Downtown »

Gibsons Italia is set to open next week at 233 N. Canal St. Here's the menu. 

Oct 18 | 4:07pm | 
The Loop »

The victim was sent to the intensive care unit after a robbery Monday at the Loop's new train station.

Oct 18 | 4:00pm | 
Archer Heights »

Civic Federation President Laurence Msall praised the budget, but said concerns remain.

Oct 18 | 3:55pm | 
Logan Square »

Jay Schroeder, formerly of Mezcaleria Las Flores, will run the bar, dubbed Todos Santos.

Oct 18 | 3:51pm | 
Lincoln Square »

One of the victims spied the suspect in the neighborhood Tuesday.

Oct 18 | 3:22pm | 
Little Italy »

The governor reportedly envisions a new big campus for U. of I. But it's unclear who's paying for it. 

Oct 18 | 3:09pm | 
North Park »

"The days of fiscal smoke and mirrors are behind us," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

Oct 18 | 3:09pm | 
Wrigleyville »

Residents say the noise from aircraft flying around the stadium is out of control.

Oct 18 | 2:59pm | 
Bridgeport »

Police are looking for two men believed responsible for the robberies.

Oct 18 | 2:52pm | 
Beverly »

Santila Terry owned a speech therapy clinic in Beverly.

Oct 18 | 2:38pm | 
Bucktown »

"At any given time, a number of schoolkids were walking past that tree," mom injured by tree said.

Oct 18 | 2:30pm | 
Avondale »

The wildly popular burger joint, which used to declare "NO VEGAN OPTIONS," is reversing course.

Oct 18 | 2:16pm | 
Wrigleyville »

A.J. and Jaime Etsch hope they can skip their anniversary dinner and celebrate another World Series win.

Oct 18 | 1:54pm | 
Lincoln Square »

The cupcake shop, which started as a food truck, is closed after three years in Lincoln Square.

Oct 18 | 12:23pm | 
Albany Park »

Police accountability investigators up, transportation down.

Oct 18 | 11:48am | 
Armour Square »

The boy lost his home, and his prized baseball memorabilia collection, in the California wildfires.

Oct 18 | 11:37am | 
Wicker Park »

The city is set to tack on another 15 cents to each ride this year, and another 5 cents in 2019.