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The Block Club is DNAinfo Chicago's blog. It's a place for fun things we see on the internet — or in the neighborhoods. Feel free to loiter.

Logan Square »

The Burlington, 3425 W. Fullerton Ave., is throwing a belated baby shower for Beyoncé. Because duh.

Wrigleyville »

The Cubs are raffling off tickets to win a ring for $10 a pop through Sept. 4.

Downtown »

Giant cheesecake? Miko's ice made from berries from the 606? We're into it.

North Center »

1871 newspaper describes "weary and weeping women and children" in the aftermath of the blaze.

Downtown »

"Would I recommend it to my children? No," says Jim Pritikin.

Uptown »

A video shows a deer taking a dip in the lake near Montrose Harbor Tuesday around noon. 

Austin »

Single, no kids? Married, with children? Something else? We've got some numbers...

Hyde Park »

Mensa grew up in Hyde Park and is now a rising rapper with the backing of Kanye West and others.

Austin »

Emanuel accused of having "dumb track mind" after he unflatteringly cited New York's mass transit.

Edgebrook »

The neighborhood group Everyday Edgebrook is asking for volunteers to submit ideas through social media.

Lincoln Square »

Sparklers are among the fireworks that are illegal in the city.

Morgan Park »

The depot at 1982 W. 115th St. in Morgan Park caught fire May 28 and was demolished Friday afternoon.

The Loop »

Wait, how many beers did Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle have before a World Series game?