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The Block Club is DNAinfo Chicago's blog. It's a place for fun things we see on the internet — or in the neighborhoods. Feel free to loiter.

Austin »

Columbia College professor and friends at NBC5 are credited by the news anchor in her new book.

Chatham »

Chano says, "I'm not into it. I think politics is a reason why a lot of stuff doesn't get done."

Downtown »

From now until September, these Vienna Beef vendors are helping to collect money for the charity.

Beverly »

The pairing of Guinness and champagne is also called a "Black Velvet," according to the beer maker.

Rogers Park »

Sit back, relax and enjoy another side of the city this summer.

Austin »

Passersby at Monroe and LaSalle do a double take at cars used in filming.

The Loop »

The U-Haul report comes after the Census Bureau said Chicago lost 8,638 in population last year.

Portage Park »

Winners of an audience raffle got to dunk the goo on Ald. John Arena (45th) Thursday night.

Wicker Park »

The play's main character takes issue with Violet Hour.

Lakeview »

They say confidence is everything, but this goes a bit too far.

Downtown »

The Botanic Garden hopes the twin flowers preparing to bloom don't fail to do so, like Spike in 2015.