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Civic Center »

One-quarter of officers neglected to justify stops and searches, according to a report.

Boerum Hill »

A thief took $1,072 worth of clothing from a Lululemon store in Boerum Hill.

East Williamsburg »

The incident happened in the lobby of the Williamsburg Houses on Feb. 8, police said. 

Greenpoint »

Two Polish Girl Scouts are spearheading relief efforts in the wake of a fire in Greenpoint.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police say they've arrested a man who waved his gun behind a reporter on live TV.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Peter Liang alerted his supervisors as soon as he realized Akai Gurley was shot, his lawyer said.

East Harlem »

The 39-year-old woman was found semi-conscious inside her car Wednesday night, police said.

Lower East Side »

Police have released video of a suspect who brutally beat a McDonald's worker in November, police said.

Castle Hill »

A 17-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder in The Bronx Thursday night, police said.

Park Slope »

CRIME BLOTTER: Notable cases from Brooklyn's  84th and 88th precincts.

Union Square »

New Yorkers say they're being extra cautious after a recent wave of seemingly random slashings.

Williamsburg »

"Nobody thinks about saving up for these things," Jovani Cubias' half-sister said.

Williamsburg »

No one had been arrested as of Tuesday afternoon, police said. 

Washington Heights »

Two anonymous calls traced to Upper Manhattan mentioned shooting officers in both cities, police said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

A thief stole a 14-year-old girl's phone, then called the girl's mother asking for money, police say.