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Andersonville »

A U.S. Treasury study found that one in every 147 marriages in Chicago involve two men.

Woodlawn »

With 90 murders, August was Chicago's bloodiest month since June 1996, data shows.

Gold Coast »

All but one of the homes are in Lincoln Park and Downtown. The other is steps from The 606.

Wicker Park »

INTERACTIVE: We'll tell you how much more you'd pay for your first apartment if you moved there today.

Streeterville »

The gap between blacks and whites has more than doubled since 2005.

Lakeview »

We're mapping Chicago's Poké Stops, gyms and more that are part of the red-hot mobile game.

Andersonville »

The North Side is a popular spot for male couples, but lesbian couples outnumber them on the South Side.

Downtown »

On one street, you can go out every night for nearly seven months and not stop in the same place twice.

Uptown »

Over 3,000 same-sex couples got married in Chicago since the practice became legal last February.

Logan Square »

Hispanics have left former enclaves, blacks have moved out, and more Asians have moved in.

Portage Park »

Portage Park has lost more than 8,000 Polish residents — more than 40 percent — since 2000.  

Downtown »

The Downtown area gained 39,000 homes since 2000, census data shows. The rest of Chicago lost 1,000.

Downtown »

The Loop and South Loop are the fastest growing neighborhoods, and that won't change anytime soon. 

Uptown »

Often stolen from CTA stops and areas near the lakefront, these bikes are nearly impossible to recover.