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The Block Club is DNAinfo Chicago's blog. It's a place for fun things we see on the internet — or in the neighborhoods. Feel free to loiter.

Portage Park »

Shep the police dog went on patrols and helped catch train robbers before his death in 1905.

Downtown »

American Academy of Pediatrics: "Carefully consider the consequences."

Logan Square »

The woman's post generated more than 100 responses, fostering a dialogue on neighborhood safety.

Downtown »

The Jane Collective was made up of ordinary Chicago women who performed abortions before Roe v. Wade.

Downtown »

Chris Biela drove 4½ hours to get a video of the northern lights earlier this month.

Hyde Park »

The highest-ranked woman in the world, Hou Yifan, looks forward to studying social work.

South Loop »

As new documentary debuts Sunday night, directors Burns and Lynn Novick talk about Chicago's role.

Downtown »

Goats are now the lawnmowers at O'Hare, Kris Bryant is sending fans thank-you notes and more.

Lincoln Square »

Sears' darkened windows on Lawrence Avenue are about to see the light of day.

Logan Square »

First a communal trampoline appeared. Now several swings. What's next — tightropes? Oh, wait ...

Pilsen »

Orozco Academy's new music teacher told students that being different like her is OK.

Wrigleyville »

The Cubs star and his wife, Jess, sent personalized notes to fans who found their wedding registry. 

Downtown »

Thousands of people say they are planning to scream a "Spongebob" quote at the Bean on Monday night.

Downtown »

Chance is raising money for CPS, PAWS is saving animals in Texas and there's a snowman Downtown.