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TriBeCa »

The woman gave the man a cigarette and her number before realizing her wallet was gone, police said.

Midtown »

Demonstrators unfurled pro-immigrant banners in the skyscraper's lobby Thursday.  

East Williamsburg »

Crowds of people fled the park, but none have stepped up to tell the police what happened.

Chelsea »

The women were inside the Chelsea Square Restaurant on West 23rd Street, police said.

Wakefield »

Nakia Bent, 36, has been arrested for the murder of 69-year-old Lilawatee Ramsaran, police said.


The man exposed his genitals at the station before getting on an F train, police said. 

Lower East Side »

The person was hit on Delancey Street near Forsyth Street, officials said.  

Bed-Stuy »

The suspect stole her cellphone and fled Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Brooklyn Heights »

Fights between large groups of teens broke out in the park for about two hours, police said. 

East Village »

The woman was cycling up First Avenue near East 9th Street last when the driver struck her. 

Union Square »

Service was briefly suspended between Manhattan and Brooklyn while police chased after the people. 

Midtown »

The man was working at 1604 Broadway Wednesday morning when he fell. 

Claremont »

Angel Rivera, 53, died on Aug. 16, 2016 after getting into a fight roughly two years prior, police said.

Civic Center »

 Constance Malcolm said Wednesday the mayor has not done enough on police reform. 

Williamsburg »

Police arrested John "White Boy" Morales and charged him with murder Wednesday afternoon, a source said.