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Longwood »

A total of 28 attacks across 10 precincts in The Bronx took place on Sunday evening, police said.

Upper East Side »

The man fell at East 73rd Street and Second Avenue, police said.

Morris Heights »

The robbers stole the man's wallet with $240 in the attack which was caught on video, police said.

Coney Island »

The pattern began on Nov. 30 when robbers attacked a 61-year-old woman, the NYPD said.

Upper West Side »

A man with a suitcase slashed him and fled the train at West 72nd Street, police said.

Upper East Side »

The suspect was driving with no license and had been in a minor accident, police said.

Greenwich Village »

Daniel Ortiz bolted from police custody when an officer took a four-minute cellphone call, sources said.

Upper West Side »

Police are questioning the roommate of Savyon Zabar after he was strangled to death, sources said.

Jamaica »

Police are searching for Sherlock Arana after they say he attacked two Indian women in the subway.  


The man got away with the $15 selfie stick while the victim's phone fell to the ground, police said.

Brooklyn Heights »

Seven burglaries were reported in Brooklyn Heights over the past two weeks, the NYPD said.

Upper East Side »

The suspects got away with the victim's wallet, police said.

Sunset Park »

He drove her home, robbed her and then attacked her in Sunset Park, NYPD officials said.

Upper East Side »

The cheese thrower was arrested for assault, police said.

Civic Center »

The NYPD has been training shelter peace officers since March.