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Brownsville »

The elderly woman was at the intersection of Rockaway and Atlantic avenues when she was hit, police said

New Brighton »

The man threw the device at a temporary NYPD headquarters but missed the vehicle, police said.

Lower East Side »

The off-duty NYPD agent told authorities he had two drinks before the crash that killed Amanda Miner.

Lower East Side »

Nawang Choying and Shachin Gauchan were arrested in connection to the attack that was caught on camera.

Civic Center »

Alex Lichtenstein pleaded guilty to bribing NYPD officers for gun licenses. 

Bed-Stuy »

The 50-year-old man was discovered sitting on the floor inside 2100 Fulton St. near Thomas S. Boyland.

Lower East Side »

Amanda Miner died when Stefan Hoyte crashed their car on the Williamsburg Bridge, police said.

East Harlem »

The thief walked away with 24 pieces of silverware in all, police said. 

Ridgewood »

He climbed fire escapes to steal cash, perfume, jewelry and vintage Russian medals, police said.

Corona »

Jose Hernandez, 60, was arrested after harassing his wife last fall, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

A Jersey City resident was arrested after he returned for the bag, a Port Authority spokesman said.

Civic Center »

The FBI questioned and investigated more than two dozen people with connections to City Hall.

Bed-Stuy »

Four burglars used a woman's spare Airbnb key, which listed her address, to get inside a Bed-Stuy home.

Chelsea »

The shrub thefts are a "recurring problem" that began last May, the NYPD said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The man and woman accused a Papa John's employee of serving them cold pizza, police said.