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Midtown »

A case convicting two officers of making false arrests had a lasting effect on the NYPD, experts say.

Chelsea »

The ballroom was hosting a "Red Carpet Christmas" event that night, according to its website.

Civic Center »

The three former policemen are seeking $30 million, according to the suit.

Charleston »

The man pointed a 9mm handgun at officers who opened fire, police officials said.

Clifton »

Three men broke into a Clifton home and attacked people inside before leaving empty-handed, police said.

Prospect Heights »

The NYPD presented 2016's crime statistics Wednesday at the Brooklyn Museum.

Chelsea »

The thief stole eight bottles of liquor, including a "dummy bottle" of Cognac, police said.

East Harlem »

The men will received a total of $1,515 for their destroyed possessions. 

Claremont Village »

Devon Campbell was charged Wednesday with murdering Will Berry, the NYPD said.

Mariners Harbor »

A Facebook video of Anna Teshu was posted Tuesday night, but police say they're still searching for her.

Pelham Bay »

Russell Lowe, 34, was forced into a black Toyota Sienna on Tuesday around 2 p.m., police said.

East New York »

Ted Jerome, 23, has been arrested for the fatal hit and run, police said.

Stapleton »

Donald Bracey, 30, was arrested for the shooting of Tanoon W. Quoquoi, police said.

Long Island City »

The suspect stole a woman's backpack from the back of her chair, police said.