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Bushwick »

A 27-year-old was raped in the morning on Aug. 16 near the intersection of Evergreen and Dekalb avenues.

Williamsburg »

Thieves stole an envelope with cash from the woman's pocketbook at the corner of S. 9th and Roebling.

Williamsburg »

The thief stole $4,000 cash from the register and assorted store goods, according to workers and police.

Williamsburg »

The shooting took place on Saturday at 4:35 a.m. near the intersection of South 4th St. and Rodney. 

Williamsburg »

The attack happened following an argument on Bedford Ave. on Aug. 4, according to police. 

Williamsburg »

Police are trying to track down the person responsible for the Aug. 9 that took place on Taylor Street.

Bushwick »

Police are looking for the man who stole around $300 in goods from a clothing shop at 785 Broadway.

Times Square & Theater District »

The man pretended he was a police officer before stealing the woman's cash and belongings, police said.

Fordham »

The man ran up behind the woman and stabbed her multiple times in the back, police said.

Rockaway Beach »

The 18 members of the "Pop On Site" gang conspired to get guns to kill rival gang members, police said.

Williamsburg »

The thief also took medicine, an iPad, a laptop and $3000 cash, police said.

Williamsburg »

The salt shaker hit the woman in the face, chipping her tooth, police said.

Flushing »

Zuomin Wang was arrested Tuesday for squeezing the chest of a boy in a Flushing playground in July. 

Bushwick »

The same thief is thought to be behind two Bushwick burglaries in July.

East Williamsburg »

Matthew von Ohlen, 35, was killed in a hit and run collision on July 2 on Grand Street in Williamsburg.