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Marine Park »

Darren Danks, 56, was charged with driving without a license, police said.

Gravesend »

The man jumped in front of a D train at Bay 50th Street on Wednesday afternoon, said the MTA and FDNY. 

Red Hook »

The man was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Sunset Park »

Juan Ramos, 64, fatally stabbed Giovanni Rodriguez in the stomach in Sunset Park, cops said.

Gravesend »

Perice Brown, 27, was shot to death about 1:25 a.m. Friday, cops said. Another man was also wounded.

Coney Island »

The victim was flung from his Ford Explorer after crashing in Coney Island on Thursday, cops said.

Bay Ridge »

Six people were injured when two trucks crashed on the Verrazano's upper level, the FDNY said.

Coney Island »

Doctors treating the girl found drugs in her system and signs of sexual abuse, sources said.

Gravesend »

Police officers Annette Lancaster and Eddie Wong rescued two from a Gravesend car crash, cops said.

Sunset Park »

The victims were attacked on 60th Street in Sunset Park Thursday night.

Sunset Park »

The fire started while the man was smoking a cigarette at 4917 6th Ave.

Borough Park »

After an argument, Thomas Athanasatos shot his brother before taking his own life, sources said.

Sheepshead Bay »

Beka Skhirtladze also faces vehicular manslaughter, reckless endagerment and reckless driving charges.

Downtown »

Stuyvesant High School students took to the Internet to mourn classmate Terence Tsao, who died Friday.