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The Loop »

Man Lights Himself on Fire in Middle of a Loop Street

A witness to the apparent suicide attempt said it was "horrifying." A gas can was found nearby.

Downtown »

Chicago Ramping Up Its Police Bike Program

Mayor Rahm Emanuel followed through on a budget move to double the city's police bike patrol officers.

South Shore »

Chicago Police Horses Serve as Galloping Tribute to Officers Killed On Duty

For Chicago police mounties, patrolling the city on horseback isn't always a gallop in the park.

Rogers Park »

CPD Issues Burglary Warning for Rogers Park

Police believe a black man in his late 20s may be responsible for two recent burglaries in Rogers Park.

Albany Park »

Police Issue Warning for Craigslist Robbers in Albany Park, North Center

Two men robbed items advertised on Craig's List in the Northwest Side on Friday, police said.

Rogers Park »

City Agrees to Pay $415k To Woman Who Accused Police of Rape

Two police officers pleaded guilty to official misconduct in connection with the 2011 incident.

Downtown »

Cabbies Get Relief From City in Competition With Ride Sharing

The City Council moved to grant taxi drivers lower lease rates and lowered fines.

Downtown »

Council Committee OKs $13 Million in New Settlements

Two were for botched police cases, another for biased firefighter hiring.

Austin »

Two Stores Burglarized After Thieves Cut Holes in Roofs, Cut Alarms: Police

There have been two such robberies in October, according to an Austin community alert.

Downtown »

Top Cop Hopes to Add 265 More Officers By Year's End

McCarthy told aldermen crime was down, and the racial disparity for marijuana citations was "erased."

Downtown »

Reparations Sought for Burge Torture Victims as Disgraced Ex-Cop Released

Backers claimed the support of a majority in the City Council and asked the mayor to "step up."

Rogers Park »

Helicopters Deployed Over Rogers Park Streets as Police Boost Patrols

Ald. Joe Moore said Chicago Police are using helicopters as part of routine patrols to combat violence.

Downtown »

Feds Deny Probe of Chicago Police Over Shootings

U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon took the unusual step of denying an investigation was underway.

The Loop »

Rahm Calls for Police to Work on 'Community Trust' to Smooth Out Issues

Otherwise, Mayor Rahm Emanuel would not discuss probes of police shootings and Cmdr. Glenn Evans.

Downtown »

Top Cop Defends Crime Stats, But Alderman Says 'Perception is Reality'

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy faced grilling from aldermen on crime statistics.