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'Chicago Style' Doc Will Provide 'Definitive Story' of This City's Pizza

Sebastian Howley is planning a documentary "about the past, present and future of pizza in Chicago."

North Center »

Lane Tech Totem Pole Rusted, Hidden by Trees and In Need of Repair: Alumni

The totem pole was a gift from the class of '83, but it's gotten rusty and is partially hidden by trees.

Pilsen »

New Pilsen Record Store's Top Seller Isn't Exactly Retro, It's Taylor Swift

"We're at a point in pop music where guilty pleasures are becoming less of a thing," the owner said.

Englewood »

Officer's Killer Convicted After Judge Says Bullet In Back Not Self-Defense

Officer Thor Soderberg was killed with his own gun by Bryant Brewer in Englewood in 2010.