Humboldt Park »

8-Foot-Long Python Found in Humboldt Park Garage: 'I Was Pretty Horrified'

Photos show police using a baton to keep the snake from biting while it was removed Wednesday night.

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Roseland »

Mayor Emanuel to Raise Cash For Roseland Charity Blocked From City Funding

CNN "Hero" Diane Latiker's Kids Off The Block foundation refused $54,000 city grant to avoid "headache."

McKinley Park »

Alderman Opposed to Park's Speed Camera Says Get Rid of Camera AND Park

One Chicago alderman has a novel idea for eliminating a controversial camera.

Gold Coast »

Timely Taxi Saves Man from Beating Near Magnificent Mile

Five robbers accosted the South Chicago man near the Red Line stop on Chicago Avenue, prosecutors said.

Avondale »

In the Hot Doug's Line, Thursday's Menu Includes 30 Pounds of Brisket

The owners of Rub's Backcountry Barbecue are smoking two 15-pound briskets as they wait in line.