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Portage Park Elementary Got So Hot That Crayons Melted, Parents Say

Parents at the school are asking Mayor Rahm Emanuel to speed up plans to air condition the school.

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Logan Square »

Logan Square Blue Line Mural 'Destroyed' by Graffiti After One Week

"What? We can’t have nice things?” the work's commissioner said of the public art bomb.

Streeterville »

David Bowie in Chicago: An Interactive History

We chart the glam rocker's time in Chicago from his first show in 1972 to Tuesday's David Bowie Day.

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Chicago Named 'Big City Bargain' by Money Magazine

Chicago is one of the most affordable big cities in the country, Money magazine says.

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Maria's Community Bar Wants to Expand into a Full-Blown Restaurant

The Bridgeport bar will hire a chef to serve Korean-Polish street food creations.