O'Hare »

The number of complaints about jet noise rose 1,270 percent from July 2014 to July 2015.

Downtown »

Dyett High School has been a catalyst for conflict for years.

Kenwood »

The Dyett High School hunger strikers are in their 18th day and not calling things off.

Downtown »

The city would also add fees for trash pickup and for taxis and ride-sharing services.

Streeterville »

A lakefront park Downtown named after Chicago's founder was announced in 1988, but has yet to be built. 

Jefferson Park »

Some criticized the project as a giveaway to a firm that has stymied progress in Jeff Park for years.

West Ridge »

Advocacy groups in the neighborhood have began a community-wide push for an updated local library.

Edison Park »

Tim Heneghan also served as Ebinger Elementary School's volunteer athletic director for seven years.

West Ridge »

Alderman and Starbucks' corporate office confirmed the menu addition, but a shop employee was unaware.

River North »

Despite Ald. Reilly's push to remove them temporarily, the city announced that it plans to keep them.

South Shore »

The second of three budget forums was dominated by Dyett High School hunger strikers and protesters.

Lakeview »

Lakeview needs to ramp up private security to combat a recent crime spike, the alderman said Tuesday.

Pilsen »

Disabled residents say Ald. Solis isn't doing enough to improve accessibility in the neighborhood.

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