Lincoln Park »

Field of Dreams at Alcott Receives $750,000 Grant

The project looks like a done deal thanks to a grant from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Hyde Park »

Storytellers Will Sing Songs About Ancient Egypt at the Oriental Institute

Storyteller Judith Heineman and musician Dan Marcotte will sing their comedic "How to Make a Mummy."

Rogers Park »

CPS Knew About Damaged Lead Paint at Gale for Five Years, Documents Show

Activists ripped the school district for waiting to remove paint from school until this year.

Edgewater »

Loyola's New Kenmore Avenue Campus Renamed St. Ignatius Community Plaza

The university had launched an online poll to rename the new section of campus.

Rogers Park »

Sullivan High School Opens Career, College Center

Last month, the neighborhood school opened a job center.

Hyde Park »

U. of C. to Build New Forum Building With Gift From Carlyle Group CEO

The David Rubenstein Forum will be a new social space for faculty and students on 60th Street.

Lincoln Park »

Radio Extra: Lincoln Park High School Trying Discussions Over Detentions

Lincoln Park High School hopes their new "peace room" will help improve student behavior and growth.

South Loop »

Field Museum's 'Vodou' Exhibit Not a Halloween Destination, Exhibitors Say

The relics may feature human skulls, but exhibitors hope to fight the Haitian religion's stereotypes.

Washington Heights »

Medgar Evers Elementary Teachers Will Undergo Sensitivity Training

Some parents allege that a fourth-grade teacher made racist remarks to their children during recess.

Lincoln Park »

Peace Room Trumps Suspensions at Lincoln Park High School

A new program implemented this year tries a different approach to addressing conflict.

Lincoln Square »

Waters School Scores Biggest Sports Victory to Date ... a New Gym Floor

Waters' new gym floor comes as the school builds up its sports programs.

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