North Park »

NEIU is becoming a model for removing barriers and providing support to undocumented students.

Old Town »

In class, girls yell "I am smart! I am kind! I am strong! I am a girl!" at the top of their lungs.

Albany Park »

Administrators have promised to have a dialog with students who object to the firing of 10 teachers.

East Village »

"We are getting better because of our teachers. We need these teachers," a Wells parent said.

Portage Park »

Voters can name the school for Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, St. Francis or Blessed Francis Ozanam.

Auburn Gresham »

Ryder Academy could lose up to nine special ed staff members; other South Side schools also face cuts.

Hyde Park »

Pioneer Acquisitions will add 21 buildings to its porfolio that also includes buildings in Lincoln Park.

Little Village »

Juan Salgado won the coveted $625,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

Ravenswood »

Friends of Ravenswood School plans to bombard the mayor with calls Friday protesting recent budget cuts.

Lincoln Park »

The district includes parts of Lakeview, Uptown, Lincoln Park, North Center and Lincoln Square.

Hyde Park »

Now a year old, the Chicago Innovation Exchange is adding tools to make product prototypes.

Downtown »

Byrd-Bennett is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for steering a no-bid contract.

Morgan Park »

President Barack Obama's only surviving grandparent was scheduled to speak to students on Friday.

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