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Lincoln Park »

Chicagoans Don Tank Tops, Shorts as City Revels in Spring Weather

Chicagoans stepped outside to enjoy the above-average temperatures Friday.

The Loop »

It's Going To Be Over 70 Degrees on Friday and Saturday!

The warm weather will stick around Saturday but take a dip Sunday, weather officials said.

Downtown »

Tornado Watch, Rain Continue, But Temps Could Hit 60 on Friday, Weekend

Starting Friday, expect clear skies and 60 degrees, weather officials said.

Downtown »

Chicago: Tornado-Free Since 1961

Despite the ominous Thursday forecasts, tornadoes rarely touch down in big cities. 

Downtown »

Will This Rain Keep Rahm in Office?

Meteorologists predict a 30 percent chance that rain will continue until polls close at 7 p.m.

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