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Downtown »

June Twice As Rainy As Average, Wet Weather to Continue Through July

So far this June, Chicago received 6.18 inches of rain, more than double the typical 2.91 inches.

Ukrainian Village »

Storm Damage in City: 61 Trees Removed, City Says

The city avoided tornadoes but trees, like this one in Ukrainian Village, were damaged by high winds.

Downtown »

Chicago Under Two Severe Storm Watches: Strong Winds, Hail Could Hit Soon

The National Weather Service said two severe thunderstorms are headed to Chicago.

Humboldt Park »

Major Storm Floods Bloomingdale Trail, Some Neighbors Wary Of New Problems

"Who was in charge of safeguarding residences [along] the trail's property?" a homeowner said.

North Center »

Neighborhoods Flooded Throughout Chicago As Storm Pounds Chicago

Rain slammed the city Monday afternoon and evening, wreaking havoc.

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