North Center »

Block audits are part of Ald. Pawar's process of determining how to spend the ward's menu money.

The Loop »

There are also Teslas, Hummers and a Maserati. But you'll most likely get picked up by a Toyota Camry.

Bucktown »

A trailgoer walking his dog predicted "only hardcore people" would use the path in cold weather.

Englewood »

The closures are part of the 63rd Street bridge reconstruction project.

Lakeview »

Some 70 percent of Chicago's bike commuters are men, but Women Bike Chicago is gaining visibility.

Downtown »

That's nearly 12 times the number of people who can legally drive a cab in Chicago, data shows.

Englewood »

"Lady, you're not a bike," someone off-camera tells the woman. She disagrees.

Downtown »

A festive train will run on all CTA rail lines, starting on the Red Line Saturday. A bus starts Dec. 2.

Rogers Park »

The fire and aftermath have sent United Center security guard Daisy Morales' life into a chaotic spiral.

Downtown »

A study looked at nine big cities, finding Chicagoans are power users of the Missed Connections feature.

West Town »

The city said it's ready for a snow storm, and it expects below-average snowfall this season.

Downtown »

The bridge soon had to be raised again to let a barge pass, workers said.

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