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Gobblers have been spotted in Cook County recently; they might be headed toward Chicago next.

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The $64.29 ticket includes a vinyl or CD of "Science & Magic," a screen print and cuddling with the cat.

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Don't abandon your "exotic" pets. Instead, here's what you should do with turtles, snakes and reptiles.

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The birds huddle en masse by the flame to stay warm during colder weather.

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The beavers have felled nearly 10 trees at William Powers Conservation Area near Wolf Lake.

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The Downtown alderman, a dog owner himself, announced a compromise Tuesday evening.

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There is no greater threat to an overnight (mouse) intruder than a shop cat.

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Greg Lane rescues honeybee colonies living in people's homes, but won't take a drop of honey.

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"If a brewer says they don't have rats, they're lying," said Bill Hurley, owner of Empirical Brewery.

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Parks officials still aren't budging on the ban, but there's still hope for a compromise. 

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Attorney Sean Patrick insisted Pocket Puppies and the Park Pet Shop don't deal with puppy mills.

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The club features a wide age range and occupations from doctors to police officers.

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A federal judge dismissed a suit trying to halt a ban on the sale of pets from puppy mills.

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