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Hot Doug Sausages Will Now Be Sold at Wrigley Field

After closing his Avondale restaurant, Doug Sohn is bringing his famous dogs to the Friendly Confines.

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Wrigley Field To Put on its First Fireworks Display for Fourth of July

The ballpark will host military tributes and a fireworks show on July 4.

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Baby-Holding Foul-Ball Catcher Doesn't Mind the Haters

Keith Hartley said people were entitled to their opinion after he held his son and caught a foul ball.

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Cricketer Shane Warne Strikes Out on Proposed Wrigley Field Match: Cubs

Despite reports, the team said no cricket matches are planned for Wrigley Field at this time.

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See What It Took To Move the Wrigley Field Caretaker's House

The house moved a couple hundred feet over the course of three hours on Thursday.

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What We're Reading: Who Knew Hairdryers Could Juggle?

The Charleston, S.C., shooting, weird hairdryer art and old Chicago cemeteries.

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Stanley Cup, Blackhawks Make a Stop at Wrigley Field

The Hawks carried the Cup around Wrigley Field, then captain Jonathan Toews threw out the first pitch.

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Netflix's 'Sense8' Stars Chicago, Landmarks Like Superdawg (PHOTOS)

Wrigley Field, the Bean and more are in the first episode of a new TV show from the "Matrix" writers.

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Check Out This Fan's Royals Outfit at Wrigley Field

Logan Square's Jeremy Scheuch went all-out cowboy for Friday's Cubs-Royals game.

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Cubs Owners Buy 3 More Wrigley Rooftops

There are now just three Wrigleyville rooftop businesses not owned by the Ricketts family.

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Personalized Cubs Bricks Found Near Landfill Will Be Replaced, Team Says

You know what they say: Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw personalized bricks.

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Judge Bans 'Belligerent' Suburban Man from Wrigley Field

Daniel Krupa, 20, was arrested Sunday after people complained about his rowdy behavior and foul mouth.

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Cubs Fans Come Out of Hibernation For New Left And Center Field Bleachers

Some fans were ecstatic with the new bleachers; others thought they never could replace the old ones.

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Wrigley Field's Left Field Bleachers Debut May 11

A pink T-shirt will be the giveaway on Monday.

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Race to Wrigley Celebrates 10 Years With New 10K

Runners who raise at least $1,000 get to run a victory lap around Wrigley Field.