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Hadiya Pendleton's Family to Attend State of the Union Address

"If I didn’t before, I definitely have a firm stance on gun control now," the slain teen's father said.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson to King Students: You'd Turn in Klansman, but Not Gunman

Jackson addressed "no-snitch" culture as police continue the search for Hadiya Pendleton's killer.

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Neighborhood Unusual in Hadiya Case, Too

Hadiya Pendelton's murder offers a chance to rethink stereotypes about shootings in Chicago.

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Karen Lewis: Hadiya Pendleton Can't Become Another Statistic

The Chicago Teachers Union president called for adults to get more involved in the lives of children.

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Rev. Jesse Jackson: Chicago Needs Better Witness Protection Program

Jackson pleads for someone to turn in Hadiya Pendleton's killer during an anti-violence march Saturday.

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Dear Fellow Chicagoan, You Are Not A Snitch

Shooters in Chicago need to know they can’t count on good folks who know right and wrong to keep quiet.

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Teen, 15, Was 'Smiling, Making Jokes' Before She Was Killed

Murder witness says teen "asked me if she got shot. And I said, 'Yes.' And she didn't say anything else."

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Top Cop Vows to Find Student's Killer: 'We Are Going to Get This One Done'

$14,000 award offered in slaying of Hadiya Pendleton one week after she went to Obama's inauguration.  

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CPS Student Among 3 Dead in South Side Shootings

Hadiya Pendleton, a student at King College Prep, killed; "When is it going to stop?" resident asks.