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Chiberia No Match for Anger About O'Hare Noise as January Complaints Soar

Complaints rose 20 percent in January, according to data released by a city commission. 

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O'Hare Noise Complaints Rise Again, Despite Cold

Complaints rose 7 percent in December, according to data released by a city commission.

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Fed Up About Jet Noise? App Offers a New Way to Complain

The free app is designed to make it easier to register a complaint, its creator said.

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CTA Blue Line To Get $120M in Federal Money for Renovation

The project includes $25 million to rehabilitate the Jefferson Park Transit Center, officials said.

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More Guns Confiscated at O'Hare in 2014

The number of guns confiscated nationwide hit an all-time high in 2014.

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Sauganash Man Arrested at O'Hare After Fleeing Pimping Charges

Jim Sacluti, 38, of Sauganash, was arrested at O'Hare Airport in connection with a 2013 investigation.

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Jet Noise Complaints from NW Side Residents Drop, Still At Record Highs

Complaints rose in October, but dropped in November, according to data released Friday.

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New O'Hare Jet Noise Monitors Coming to 39th, 40th, 41st Wards

The racket caused by new runways has been deafening, Northwest Siders say.

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Far Northwest Side Year in Review: What Had Locals Talking in 2014

This year was an eventful one for the Northwest Side neighborhoods.

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O'Hare Noise Forced Us to Spend $15K Nest Egg on Soundproofing, Family Says

"I'm glad we did it," Colleen Cichon-Mulcrone said. "But I'm angry that we had to do it."

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Quigley Blasts O'Hare Expansion, Says New Runways 'May Have Been a Mistake'

The mayor and federal aviation officials must do more to address jet noise complaints, Quigley said.

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O'Hare Complaint Hotline Frustrating to Callers, Congressmen Say

The hotline, which has been deluged since a new runway opened, is unreliable, three congressmen said.

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Most O'Hare Noise Monitors To Be Installed in the City

Three of the eight monitors announced in July by Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be installed in the suburbs.

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O'Hare Noise Complaints Continue To Soar

The new runway opened in October 2013, prompting tens of thousands of complaints about jet noise.

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Voters Tell Federal Officials to Reduce O'Hare Noise by Wide Margin

Congress should allow more homes to qualify for subsidized soundproofing, Chicago voters said Tuesday.