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Uptown »

Some students do homework by the light of a cellphone or catch up on sleep in the school's office.

Near West Side »

Burnett says he ultimately stands with the Black Caucus in calling for Supt. McCarthy to be fired.

Rogers Park »

Commissioner Sheila O'Grady cast a vote Friday to deadlock the matter and deny a special-use permit.

Downtown »

A mayoral aide told  Crain's  Friday afternoon it will delay the controversial tax to "review the matter."

South Loop »

Enforcement officers use one device to check electronic meter payments and a separate to write tickets.

West Town »

The founders of The Roof Crop will install and farm the rooftops of other buildings.  

West Loop »

The Landmarks Comission is expected to announce its recommendation to the City Council on Wednesday.

Downtown »

The advocacy group isn't backing down from its lawsuit over the proposed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. 

McKinley Park »

Pete DeMay alleges 12th Ward voters are being intimidated by the incumbent alderman's campaign workers.

Chatham »

Abdullah Beyah was awarded the 2014 Lambert Tree Award at City Hall Tuesday Afternoon.

Downtown »

Ald. Edward Burke questioned how much public money was spent on the festival.

Bronzeville »

Protesters said Dyett students will no longer be forced to take gym as an online course.

Downtown »

The city has cut the response time from report to removal almost in half, from 6.75 days to 3.62.

Bridgeport »

The 17-year 11th Ward alderman and Vietnam vet said he's dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Washington Park »

Residents said they never got a clear description of whose property taxes the TIF would collect.