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Chelsea »

The victim had "ratted out" one of the shooters for a 1998 robbery, police said.

Crown Heights »

Tyreke Borel, 17, and Tiarah Poyau, 22, were fatally shot, police said.

Union Square »

Police arrested a Bronx man for attempted murder in a botched robbery that took place on Saturday.

Civic Center »

There were two more homicides in July compared to 2015 and two additional rapes, police said. 

Civic Center »

Overall major crime was up slightly while shootings dipped to a historic low, police said. 

Civic Center »

Major crime continued to decline in the city in May, with fewer murders and shootings than last year.

Gramercy »

Ronald McPhatter's brother, an anti-violence advocate, said nonprofit work wasn't "sexy" enough for him.

Crown Heights »

ShotSpotter now monitors 24 square miles of New York in three boroughs, according to CEO Ralph A. Clark.

Civic Center »

Six people were charged in the ring, including firearms dealers from Virginia and Georgia. 

Civic Center »

Slashings and stabbings are up 20 percent in 2016, while overall crime is at a record low, stats show.

Civic Center »

The NYPD will increase its scrutiny of stabbings and slashings in the coming weeks.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Prosecutors indicted 18 alleged gang members in connection with several shootings across Brooklyn.

Bed-Stuy »

Only 30 people were shot in the 81st Precinct in 2015, 14 less than in the previous year, police said.

Civic Center »

Project Fast Track will create a new NYPD division and Brooklyn gun court. 

East Harlem »

Last year the precinct had eight more shootings than they did in 2014, according to NYPD data.