St. Barnabas Hospital

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West Farms »

Gustavo Guillen, 32, has been arrested for the murder of 29-year-old Julio Lebron, police said.

Longwood »

The assault happened on Wednesday outside of the gym at 1030 Southern Blvd., police said.

Claremont »

Angel Caba was arrested for killing George Silva and an attempted robbery, police said.

Claremont Village »

The victim was attacked in his building stairwell near Crotona Ave. and Claremont Parkway, police said.

Tremont & East Tremont »

Gunfire erupted near 815 Fairmount Place in Tremont on Tuesday night, police said.

Lower East Side »

The victim was shot near Essex and Stanton streets, the FDNY said.

Bedford Park »

Efraim Guzman, 30, got into a shootout with police after stealing one of their guns, officials said.

Fordham »

The man ran up behind the woman and stabbed her multiple times in the back, police said.

Tremont & East Tremont »

Julio Lebron was found with gunshot wounds inside Believe Beauty Salon in East Tremont, police said.

Mount Hope »

Beramy Garcia and Yajahira Duverge were gunned down near Weeks Avenue and 175th Street, police said.

Belmont »

The $156 million project will include more than 300 units of affordable housing.

Claremont »

Gilberto Silva, 76, succumbed to injuries he received during a December robbery, police said.

Belmont »

Brandon Rivera, 19, was found with gunshot wounds to his chest and shoulder on Sunday, police said.

Fieldston »

Shots rang out Saturday night as groups barbecued in the park, according to reports.

Claremont Village »

He was stabbed and treated at St. Barnabas Hospital, police said.