Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Recent Headlines
Livingston »

Listen to a bluegrass band, check out some art or celebrate a music venue's reopening.

St. George »

Shop for the holidays, taste some wine or meet Father Christmas.

Rosebank »

Visit an arts fair, got on an after-Thanksgiving hike or learn about Robert Moses.

Stapleton »

Visit an art festival, listen to some punk or learn about the Mohawk Ironworkers.

Livingston »

Buy some art, get tips for your garden in the winter or learn about old Staten Island crime.

Livingston »

Tour landmarks, shoot with old cameras or buy some vintage clothing.

Stapleton »

Visit a haunted house, watch a Fugazi cover band or go to a seance.

St. George »

Listen to jazz, sample homebrews and make a scarecrow.

Richmond Town »

Visit a county fair, catch "Finding Nemo" or check out some art exhibitions.

Sunnyside (Staten Island) »

Kayak at Fresh Kills Park, watch "Godzilla" or try to find the best Frank Sinatra soundalike.

Livingston »

Snug Harbor recently hosted the Consul General of China in an effort to tempt Chinese visitors.

Fort Wadsworth »

Catch some local music, discuss Harper Lee's new book or watch a performance of "Macbeth."

Midland Beach »

Watch some fireworks, check out a drag performance or watch a female-only mariachi band.

Stapleton »

Dance to Polish music, visit an art festival and eat lots of chicken wings.

Rossville »

Watch some video art, mosh to punk rock or go to a campfire reading of "Treasue Island."