Bill de Blasio

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The enrollment period for health insurance coverage in 2017 ends at midnight on Jan. 31.

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The mayor said the current list of crimes covers most serious and violent felonies.

Upper East Side »

The money would be used to subsidize housing for 25,000 seniors, the mayor said.

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The mayor said the money will be used for lawyers for city employees being questioned about city work.

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The U.S. Constitution could protect cities like New York from cuts in federal funding.

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But city officials already work with federal authorities to deport those convicted of serious crimes.

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"We are going to defend all of our people," the mayor said at a press conference.

Greenwich Village »

Crowds gathered to protest various executive orders the president has issued this week on immigration.

Bed-Stuy »

The mayor will answer questions from audience members on local issues at the March 9 meeting.

Fort Greene »

The city will be allocating more than $400 million in funding for street-safety improvements. 

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The president's spokesman said Trump would strip federal funds from cities including New York. 

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The budget looks to shore up cash reserves due to possible cuts in federal funding.

East Elmhurst »

Sma-Li Amanollahi met with deputy mayor Alicia Glen's chief of staff about an East Elmhurst property.

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The mayor says that he will keep fighting the president in order to protect New Yorkers.

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A new poll found that Clinton would easily beat de Blasio if she ran as an independent.