Bill de Blasio

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In spite of the investigations, the mayor says he is accomplishing his agenda.

Midtown »

Advocates say the one-time survey is a "preposterous" way to get a true measure of homelessness.

Navy Yard »

New Yorkers can enter to win an annual pass for the new Citywide Ferry service.

Mott Haven »

Developers plan to turn P.S. 31 into a complex with affordable housing and commercial space.

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The mayor's director of intergovernmental affairs and a consulting firm were compelled to testify.

Williamsburg »

Their meeting at a "Made in NY" awards ceremony in November 2014 was kismet.

St. George »

The proposed budget includes the funds to build the new ferries that have been in the works since 2014.

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A new police precinct in Queens and money to move juveniles off Rikers Island was also in the budget.

Brookville »

The mayor allocated $70 million in the Executive Budget to create a new precinct in Southeast Queens.

Stapleton »

The mayor's executive budget include $50 million to build a new indoor pool in Staten Island.

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The mayor said his fundraising was within the law and decried leaks about the federal probe into it.

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A preservationist group wants the mayor to deter people from making false testimony to city agencies.

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The mayor faces a backlash amid a growing number of scandals, according to reports.

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The mayor said all of his activities met the spirit and letter of the law.

Concord »

He promised to see if developers were willing to sell the land so it can be turned into a park.