Bill de Blasio

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The mayor says the sergeant who shot Deborah Danner failed to follow police protocols.

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Officials urged Mayor Bill de Blasio to commit $200 million from the budget to fund the program. 

Castle Hill »

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city failed Deborah Danner when an officer shot her dead in her own home.

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Walzak will take an unpaid leave of absence starting Monday.

Meatpacking District »

The group Save Gansevoort filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse the commission's approval of the project.

Long Island City »

The mayor was flown from Brooklyn to an event in Long Island City, spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted.

Financial District »

The Department of Investigation raided two city contractors' offices tied to fundraiser Husam Ahmad.

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De Blasio said the mockery revealed in leaked emails doesn't faze him.

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"Told you!" wrote another Clinton aide after the mayor praised her rival Bernie Sanders.

New Brighton »

Borough President James Oddo is working with the mayor to get four new centers in the North Shore.

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The hacked emails show the mayor trying to exert his influence on the Clinton campaign

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Leaked emails show that the Clinton camp saw de Blasio's wish to be closer to the campaign as a problem.

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Public Advocate Letitia James says ACS Commissioner Gladys Carrion has failed to fix a broken system.

Manhattan Valley »

The mayor said the scandal is looking "worse and worse" for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

West Harlem »

Geraldine Perkins said she didn't know how to leave her abusive boyfriend.