Bill de Blasio

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Upper East Side »

Deputy Inspector James Grant of the 19th Precinct is trying to save his pension, sources say.  

Greenpoint »

Politicians are calling for the mayor to use the same funding stream as the BQX to complete the park.

Civic Center »

The Quinnipiac poll also showed several city officials are neck-and-neck with him in election matchups.

Brooklyn Heights »

Federal and city prosecutors are reportedly investigating the $52 million Brooklyn Heights Library sale.

Civic Center »

A vote coming Wednesday on the Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2016 will also affect littering and noise.

Civic Center »

The FBI has questioned and investigated more than two dozen people with connections to City Hall.

Civic Center »

Bill de Blasio wants to keep some of his email private.  Michael Bloomberg did that, too.

Civic Center »

Good government groups say the mayor is limiting transparency in his administration.

Park Slope »

Brooklyn will get 73 more docking stations this summer, DOT officials said Thursday night.

Civic Center »

The move comes after the lifting of a deed restriction on the Lower East Side led to a lucrative sale.

Civic Center »

Inspector Peter DeBlasio and fired officer Michael Milici were questioned by the FBI, officials said.

Civic Center »

The Campaign for One New York won't say who donated money and then asked for it back.

Civic Center »

Commissioner Bill Bratton's hand-picked choice to clean up the unit retired after two weeks on the job.

Inwood »

Sm-Ali Amanollahi, who dates fundraiser Rud Morales, was a victim of Ponzi scheme tied to federal probe.

Williamsburg »

The mayor indirectly addressed the probes he's facing over his fundraising activities.