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You could binge-watch Netflix. Or you could be a productive member of society.   

Midtown »

UPDATE: The MTA will suspend all exterior subway lines at 4 p.m. Saturday.

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Up to 18 inches of snow, 55 mph wind gusts and flooding are in the forecast, officials say.

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City Council will consider a package of legislation next week to reduce penalties for minor offenses.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police think it was sent by the same people responsible for a December email that shut down LA schools.

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City agencies that get federal funding could see their budgets decided by who's in the White House.

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There is new spending on education, homelessness and mental health.

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A new Quinnipiac University poll gave de Blasio a small five-point margin over Cuomo.

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New York is bracing for up to a foot of snow Saturday into Sunday.

South Jamaica »

Meteorologists and New York politicians have a habit of overstating blizzard forecasts. Here's why.

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The results come even as Mayor Bill de Blasio unleashes a series of initiatives to tackle the problem.

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New poll shows 50 percent of voters approve of the mayor, up from 45 percent in October.    

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Pedicab drivers say a ban included in the new horse-drawn carriage deal will put them out of business.

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The city will spend $115 million this year on additional traffic calming measures, the mayor said.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio has hailed his Vision Zero safety plan with reducing fatalities citywide.