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As drivers are set to receive new-look plates, let's take a look back at the state's license history.

Pullman »

Xfinity customers can log in for free. Non-customers can use them for an hour twice a month.

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The super fast Internet service was highly anticipated here, but also cumbersome to bring to new cities.

Hyde Park »

New research suggests loneliness could be genetic, with links to depression and neuroticism.

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Chicago's Pete Kastanes compiled dozens of vintage TV guide ads into a recently released YouTube video.

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Ald. Mitts asked Twitter and Facebook to "prohibit the posting of images ... that glamorize violence."

Wrigleyville »

Dave Miska brings the voices of Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer into harmony with the crack of the bat.

Morgan Park »

The house at 11160 S. Ashland Ave. was used by panhandlers working near the entrance to Interstate 57.

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Ed Burke and Anthony Beale submitted an ordinance that would put the brakes on "autonomous vehicles."

Lakeview »

Jukeboxes at some Chicago bars now feature information from the CTA, ride-hailing apps and Divvy.

Lincoln Square »

Rosehill Cemetery dominates the view from 400 miles up.

Edgewater »

The city's Election Board agreed with a challenger that the petition was riddled with errors.

Edgewater »

Because landfills don't take air conditioners, Chicagoans need to get creative to get rid of them.

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