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Hyde Park »

Experts will argue either side of whether the Constitution should be amended.

Downtown »

Shootings happen "just a few blocks from my house — and I live in a reasonably good neighborhood."

Downtown »

Los Angeles and New York have gun control provisions that are as tough as Chicago, experts say.

Downtown »

President Barack Obama used Chicago as an example of why he's pushing for stricter gun control.

South Loop »

McCarthy said Emanuel's recent remarks that officers had become "fetal" was "not the right phrase."

Downtown »

The Committee on Public Safety affirmed harsh fines and jail terms for crimes committed in parks.

Downtown »

Overall crime from Jan. 1-June 30 also decreased for the third straight year, down 15 percent from 2013.

The Loop »

U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly prepared what she called the "blueprint for ending the crisis" of gun violence.

Downtown »

The City Council passed a court-ordered ordinance for licensing gun shops.

Downtown »

But the mayor's ordinance would set strict rules for sales and for the location of gun shops.

Downtown »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel planned to submit the ordinance at Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Bronzeville »

The mayor will seek a six-month delay in a court order allowing gun shops in the city.

Bridgeport »

Rahm and McCarthy touted the study's findings to renew calls for after-school programs and gun control.

Downtown »

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk joined Police Supt. Garry McCarthy in urging mandatory minimums for gun violations.

Edison Park »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not back down from his call for a three-year sentence for gun violations.