Barack Obama

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Rogers Park »

A great way to eat your feelings and support local business. 

The Loop »

Miranda will perform in honor of Puerto Rican activist and onetime Chicagoan Oscar ​López Rivera.

Wrigleyville »

The team is visiting with President Barack Obama after winning the World Series.

Kenwood »

Obama's not moving back, and neighbors are worried the tourists will move in if security loosens.

Lincoln Square »

Want to follow the president's advice and run for office? Here's how to become a candidate.

Downtown »

The president said "it's good to be home" before delivering an impassioned defense of democracy.

South Loop »

Palmer said he gave away his hard-won ticket to see Obama, but still came back for the speech.

Wrigleyville »

The championship-winning Cubs will meet President Barack Obama at the White House next week.

Downtown »

During the president's farewell, many on social media wondered why his younger daughter wasn't there.

Downtown »

And Obama's hopeful message is once again catching on with young voters. 

Rogers Park »

Some pictures showing Barack Obama running for U.S. Senator are part of a new political photo exhibit.

South Loop »

The crowd was hoping for a message of hope from Obama before the Trump presidency starts.

Downtown »

The mayor posted the video just hours before the President headed home one last time.

O'Hare »

A high wind warning is in effect until 10 p.m., with gusts up to 60 mph expected, meteorologists said.

Hyde Park »

The President took to his Facebook page just hours before heading back home.