Barack Obama

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Hyde Park »

State Rep. LaShawn Ford wants to rename 270 miles of Illinois highway for Barack Obama.

Hyde Park »

The first of several shipments of records for the Obama presidential library arrived Thursday.

Hyde Park »

The former commander in chief was in Chicago Wednesday to discuss plans for his presidential library.

Lincoln Park »

Facets will also show Leni Reifenstahl's Nazi masterpiece "Triumph of the Will."

Kenwood »

KAM Isaiah Israel is asking that barriers come down as Chicago police take over some of the security.

Hyde Park »

The measure was introduced Thursday by State Rep. Robert Martwick (D-Jefferson Park).

Ashburn »

Lawmakers want Aug. 4 to be a holiday in Illinois, celebrated the following Monday each year. 

Kenwood »

Gregory Seal Livingston said Obama should focus on being a statesman and not wade into Chicago politics.

Hyde Park »

A special election to fill the 4th Ward seat will take place Feb. 28.

Bridgeport »

Will President Trump address white slavery charge against late heavyweight champ?

Downtown »

Marchers carried their children, pushed them in strollers and held their hands Downtown Saturday.

Hyde Park »

The Obamas will take a break and then start raising money for the library's endowment.

Rogers Park »

A great way to eat your feelings and support local business. 

The Loop »

Miranda will perform in honor of Puerto Rican activist and onetime Chicagoan Oscar ​López Rivera.

Wrigleyville »

The team is visiting with President Barack Obama after winning the World Series.