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How To Look Like Svengoolie: Sven Shows You How To Do The Makeup (VIDEO)

By Kelly Bauer | October 20, 2017 8:57am | Updated on October 30, 2017 9:22am

DOWNTOWN —The TV screen isn't the only place you can see "Svengoolie" this month.

In fact, if you decide to dress as Sven for Halloween, you need look no further then your mirror — and Svengoolie would love that.

Svengoolie, the host of the popular horror movie show on MeTV, said it's "very flattering" to see people dress up like him for Halloween and for horror-themed events. Sven's seen everyone from young children to adults don a Svengoolie costume, and he said most people nail his trademark look: dark makeup, curly black hair and a black suit.

"I was very surprised [the first time it happened], and now it's almost like a commonplace thing. Any time I do an appearance someone will show up dressed as me," Svengoolie said. "But the first time, I was just kind of amazed. It's like, 'Why would somebody want to dress up like me?'"

The host's look hasn't changed much over the decades "Svengoolie" has been on the air. Sven swapped out his stick-on mustache for a painted mustache a while back, and he applies his makeup quicker, but otherwise his look is "pretty much exactly the same as it was" at the beginning, Svengoolie said.

"... It's always so cool to see all these people who will actually go to the extremes of trying to get it as accurate as possible," Svengoolie said.

Svengoolie talked to DNAinfo about how to get your Sven costume just right this Halloween.

Watch This Step-by-Step Video With Svengoolie For Your Halloween Prep

What You Need

• Base makeup (like foundation)

• Red lip coloring or red lipstick

• Black Halloween makeup (we used a Wet n Wild black body crayon)

• Black eyeliner (for finer lines)

• Black, curly, long-haired wig

• Fake goatee (with eyelash glue or another safe adhesive to attach the goatee to your skin)

• The outfit: black top hat, red shirt, black suit, beaded necklace and skeleton charm

• Rubber chicken (Kerrrrrwyn!)

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How To Apply The Makeup

1. Apply base makeup, like a foundation, to even out skin if desired.

2. Apply your red lip color.

3. Draw black circles around your eyes going up to your eyebrows. Color in the circles (but keep the makeup out of your eyes).

4. Draw small black triangles on the sides of your nose. The triangles should look like shadows.

5. Draw on a thick black mustache with small curls at the tips.

6. Draw thin, dark lines on your lips.

7. Draw on your cheek shadows. The shadows should look somewhat like a sideways V, but with the lines following the curves of your cheek and the point of the V lined up with the tip of your nose. Use your finger to blend the black color into your skin and then re-draw the black lines so they're defined.

8. Attach your goatee to your chin. Svengoolie uses spirit gum but said eyelash adhesive can also work.

9. Don your wig, hat and the rest of your costume.


We tested Svengoolie's guide to get ready for Halloween. Here's what we learned:

• We used a black body crayon for the eye circles, mustache and cheek shadows. The body crayon easily blends, which was good for the cheek shadows — but it also means you'll want to keep your hands away from your face to avoid smearing your makeup.

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• You can use black eyeliner with a fine point to outline or fill in smaller areas, like the curled tips of Svengoolie's mustache or the small shadows on his nose. (But you should sanitize your eyeliner before using it near your eyes again or toss it out.)

• Don't have a goatee? We used the black body crayon to draw one on.

• If you can't find a red lipstick that works for your look, you can use a red-tinted lip balm or red stick makeup (like the kind you get in Halloween makeup kits).

• If your makeup is too shiny for your taste, you can brush black powder (like a black eyeshadow) onto the makeup to reduce the shine, like this:

• Cleanup wasn't hard: Most of the body crayon was easily removed with a face wipe, and the makeup was completely gone after a shower.

• Svengoolie said fans have found his beaded chicken necklace in New Orleans — which could mean you need to take a vacation if you're really committing to this look.

• Sven's skeleton pin was only sold for a few years. He said they occasionally pop up online but can be expensive.