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Who's Blu? After DNA Test On My Dog, I've Got Some Answers

By Alisa Hauser | August 24, 2017 8:07am | Updated on August 25, 2017 10:59am
 Mystery no more.
Mystery no more.
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Editor's note: DNAinfo reporter Alisa Hauser recently had a DNA test on her dog, Blu. In part one, she described why she had the test done and what she knew about Blu from his adoption at PAWS. In part two, Alisa describes how the DNA testing kit worked. Below, in the final part of the series, Blu's heritage is revealed.

WICKER PARK — The DNA results for Blu arrived from Orivet Genetic Pet Care.

Finally, I would have an answer to the question many ask when they see us walking around Wicker Park: What is he?

As it turns out, the answer is not easy.

The Orivet test results revealed Blu is many things: mostly Bichon Frise (37 percent to 74 percent;); along with Pomeranian (10 percent to 19 percent); Jack Russell Terrier (10 percent to 19 percent); and Miniature Schnauzer (10 percent  to 19 percent).

According to the Orivet report, Bichon Frise dogs are "happy, active, intelligent" and usually friendly — with an affectionate, sensitive and gentle manner.

The name Bichon is thought to come from the old middle French word “bichon,” meaning small, long-haired dog. Bichons were popular with sailors, who used them as companions.

Orivet says a Bichon dog would best suit someone looking for a constant companion and who has plenty of time to devote to their dog.

Blu seems to fits the description of a Bichon perfectly and he also gets to spend plenty of time with me.

His first long walk ended in the basement of a Bucktown building, when I wrote about an antique sale. Blu has participated in a memorial walk honoring Prince, joined a dog parade, witnessed the aftermath of a church collapse and has scoped out many early morning crime scenes with me.

The other three breeds that make up Blu's DNA seem to fit him, too. The miniature schnauzer is an "intelligent, active and alert" dog and serves as a "good watch dog."

Jack Russells are "very intelligent, obedient, active, energetic and watchful dogs".

Yep, I see that!

Lastly, the Pomeranian, often called a "Pom," is "lively " and "inquisitive." They have a reputation for being friendly and affectionate and learning tricks. They bond closely with their owner and love to play, says Orivet.

Blu and the mix of dogs from whom he descends. 

I wonder if it is the Pom's inquisitiveness that causes Blu to be so curious when it comes to other small dogs. He can spot another small dog from a block away and will want to make sure he can take a good long sniff after the customary human ask of "friendly?" to the other dog's owner.

Orivet also included a complimentary health report the company says was generated by a proprietary algorithm that takes into account Blu's breed makeup, age, weight, sex and other lifestyle factors.

A disclaimer included in the health report advises that the report does not mean Blu will ever actually contract any of these diseases — it only "represents an increased RISK when comparing Blu Hauser's genetic information to published scientific information available," the company said.

He's mostly at risk for Endocardiosis, or a heart murmur.  Endocardiosis is responsible for three-fourths of all canine heart diseases, according to VetStreet.

I broke all the big news — minus the fact he could be at risk for Endocardiosis — to Blu at our satellite office inside of Lubinski Furniture.

Well, at least one of us was excited!