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Chicago Cubs Players Are Social Media All-Stars (A Best Of List)

By Ariel Cheung | October 6, 2016 8:44am
 Popular Cubs Twitter accounts include those of (clockwise from top right): Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Joe Maddon and Anthony Rizzo.
Popular Cubs Twitter accounts include those of (clockwise from top right): Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Joe Maddon and Anthony Rizzo.
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WRIGLEYVILLE — With the Chicago Cubs postseason upon us, no Cubs fan will want to miss a moment of news this October.

While it's great to follow reporters and the official @cubs for news on every swing of the bat and every W flag flown, you can also get it straight from the source, in real time.

Athletes have found a way to make social media their own, and no one does it better than the Cubs. So let's go all the way and check out the best and brightest of the Cubs online.

You can also find a full list of Cubs players, team leadership, beat reporters and bloggers here.

Jon Lester, pitcher

Twitter: @JLester34

Popularity: 434,343 followers. Following 442.

Best Moments:

Easily, Lester's greatest tweets came just last week, when Donald Trump fans mistook him for presidential debate moderator Lester Holt.

While it would have been all too easy for Lester to issue biting, witty retorts, the Cubs pitcher was polite to the extreme.

After one troll accused him of being "just another racist #Democrat," Lester replied with a friendly, "Whoa, buddy."

"Pretty sure you have the wrong Lester," he gently corrected.

His most popular tweets came in his final days with the Boston Red Sox, after news of his move to Chicago broke in December 2014.

"Extremely difficult decision for me and my family," Lester tweeted, "but we love the outcome and couldn't be more excited to join the Cubs organization! #NVRQT"

Anthony Rizzo, first baseman

Twitter: @ARizzo44

Popularity: 343,775 followers. Following 201.

Instagram: @arizz_44

Best Moments:

Rizzo is a social media genius. Not only did he net 12,795 retweets on a 2015 Christmas giveaway tweet, but he regularly tweets for his charitable causes.

The golden-hearted Cubbie gives away signed baseballs and boxes of RizzO's. He laughs along with his fans, even when jokes are at his expense:



He loves being a Cub at Wrigley Field:



Almost as much as he loves #Bryzzo:



Damnnn Kris!!!! Golfing with the boys today. @kris_bryant17

A video posted by Anthony Rizzo (@arizz_44) on


And speaking of Bryzzo ...


Kris Byrant, third base

Twitter: @KrisBryant_23

Popularity: 332,781 followers. Following 442.

Instagram: @Kris_Bryant17

Best Moments:

Bryant's most popular tweet is a heartwarming throwback to the day he was called up to the Cubs.

"Today I got to tell my family that my dream is coming true. Can't really put into words what that feels like," he wrote April 16, 2015. "So excited for this journey!"

The post was retweeted more than 13,000 times and got 20,000 likes.


Other very popular notes from Bryant include his December engagement photo and a recent tweet offering prayers for the family of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who died in a boat crash last week.

"Such a joy watching him play the game," Bryant remarked. "He will be truly missed."

Bryant's fiancée, Jessica Delp, can be found on Twitter at @jessicadelp3 and as @jessica_delp on Instagram.

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And you absolutely have to check them out blasting out a "Frozen" duet:



Bryant also wins the award for best parody account. @DrunkKrisBryant gets it right with grade A gifs and Bryant memes. His profanity-laced game commentary is a can't-miss.


Jake Arrieta, pitcher

Twitter: @jarrieta34

Popularity: 284,620 followers. Follows 87.

Instagram: @jakearrieta49 (private)

Best Moments: Recently, he shared his plans for Halloween:



His top tweet netted 17,511 retweets and 26,800 faves. And we can see why. He writes: "My right nipple comes out of my tank top almost every pitch, so I place it back inside," in response to a rival fan's question of why he touched his hat and jersey so often.



Another top retort was his April response to ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, who criticized the Cubs pitcher for laughing about questions about his performance.

"Laughing is exactly what I will do," Arrieta tweeted. "You continue to do your thing though. No one will undercut my hard work." His response netted 11,733 retweets.


Smith backed down, allowing that Arrieta has "earned the right to do what you want."

Javier Báez, third base

Twitter: @javy23baez

Popularity: 110,439 followers. Follows 168.

Instagram: @javy23baez

Best Moments: His top recent tweet celebrated the Cubs turning around their Aug. 1 game for a 5-0 win against the Miami Marlins.

"What a come back boys," he tweeted after the game.

Another popular tweet heralds back to Baez's early days as a Cubbie, when he joined Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber and other rookies in princess costumes in the team's old locker room.

Resplendent as a brunette, beshaded Alice in Wonderland, Báez declared, "Here we go, rookie day," in an October 2015 tweet that netted 503 retweets.



On Instagram, Báez shared vacation photos, shots of the game and photos of his dog, Kimbo:



Big Baby #Kimbo follow the page @baez_animalandia by @elnenuko_ #pitbull #bully

A photo posted by Javier Báez ⚾ (@javy23baez) on



Dexter Fowler, center field

Twitter: @DexterFowler

Popularity: 126,476 followers. Following 413

Instagram: @dexterfowler

Best Moments:

Back in February, with a thick cigar clamped firmly in his teeth, Dexter Fowler declared, "THIS is the year." His top tweet got 5,480 retweets from #FowlersHowlers and 7,300 favorites.



He also promoted his team-up with Uber in late September, when he delivered free pizzas to fans.

His smile — particularly when his adorable daughter is nearby — is brighter than the lights at Wrigley Field.


Joe Maddon, manager

Twitter: @CubsJoeMadd

Popularity: 329,665 followers. Follows 31.

Best Moments:

While the bespectacled manager is a man of few tweets — just 2,268 since he joined Twitter in 2009 — he's among the most popular Cubs personalities on Twitter. Often, he tweets responses to fans, like this adorable girl, who shared her suggestions for the playoffs roster with Maddon on Sept. 28.

"Will show your list to Theo !!!" Maddon replied. "Thanks honey."



Maddon also cheers on his family members, particularly his children, Joseph and Sarah, who trade quips with their dad — like after the time he got ejected from the game in 2015 — from @JosephMaddon and @SarahMaddon and share their own great Cubbie fodder.






BONUS: Top Cubs hashtags. There's plenty go go around, starting with your garden variety #Cubs, #letsgocubs, #LetsGo, #FlyTheW, #GoCubsGo and #Cubbies.

But it's also worth taking a glance at some of the hashtags with closer ties to specific players, like #SolerPower, #Bryzzo, #KBoom,  and Maddon's mantra of #TryNotToSuck.

And while you're following postseason coverage, be sure to keep tabs on Wrigleyville crowd control and traffic with #wrigleyville and #WrigleyField tweets from DNAinfo reporter @arielfab.

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