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Chicago's Coolest Uber and Lyft Cars (Including a $205,000 Bentley)

By Tanveer Ali | November 24, 2015 5:23am

The Bentley Flying Spur (Shutterstock)

CHICAGO — What if you ordered up an Uber or Lyft and the driver showed up in a $205,000 Bentley Flying Spur?

Or a $106,000 Maserati Quattroporte?

Those posh cars are registered with the City of Chicago for use by "ride hailing" services around the city.

There are also 12 Tesla Model S electric cars — new retail price starting at $69,900 — among the more than 150,000 cars registered with the city that can be used by drivers of businesses like Lyft, Uber and Sidecar.

It's unknown whether anyone has ever been picked up in a Maserati after hailing a ride using the Lyft app associated with that luxury car. But it's on the DNAinfo Chicago-compiled list of vehicles with tax emblems required by the city for those who drive for the ride-hailing companies.

It's impossible to say based on the city's data how many of those cars actually got put into use by Uber, Lyft or Sidecar. City data also does not reveal who registered the cars, leaving it open to the imagination who would pick up strangers in their Bentley.

Uber, the largest ride-hailing company by a long shot, gave DNAinfo a list of about 35,000 cars used by "active drivers" who have picked up rides in the city in the last month.

Three cars that aren't on Uber's list, but are on the city's list, are three Bentley Flying Spurs. While they were registered to Uber drivers earlier this year, they are not on a list of Uber cars used in the last month.

On Uber's active list: 20 people registered to drive Hummers and 12 people with Porsche Cayennes.

But don't hold your breath waiting on a Porsche. The odds are, your driver will have a Toyota Camry. 

The ubiquitous Camry is by far the most popular car used by active Uber drivers. There are nearly 2,500 of them being driven by Uber drivers. Many of them are pretty new, too: 234 are standard model 2015 Toyota Camrys.

The $106,000 Maserati Quattroporte (Shutterstock).

There are 12 Tesla Model S electric cars that being driven by Uber drivers. (Shutterstock)

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