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South Shore (above 79th) »

Jesse Jackson Jr. Should Get Four Years, Sandi 18 Months, Prosecutors Say

Under the prosecution's recommendation, the Jacksons wouldn't serve their sentences at the same time.

South Deering »

Crooked Cop Convicted in Tow-Truck Scam

Deavlin Page, an 18-year veteran, took payoffs from tow-truck drivers in exchange for work

Ravenswood Manor »

Rod Blagojevich's Year In Prison: Wife Says Moments 'Stolen' From Children

Patti Blagojevich said on Facebook her husband's "tremendous injustice will be righted."

South Shore »

Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson Plead Guilty, Feds Reveal Lavish Spending

Husband and wife plead guilty to spending thousands from campaign fund, including buying two elk heads.

Chicago »

Jury Selection in Beavers Trial Delayed

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers faces trial on tax charges.

South Chicago & East Side »

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Spending Investigated by FBI, Reports Say

The Wall Street Journal says the probe into the possible misuse of campaign funds is nearly done.