Chicago Transit Authority

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Lincoln Square »

Shuttle buses will replace rail service Saturday and Sunday; expect street closures too.

Downtown »

Miller Lite is teaming up with Uber and the CTA to help out Bears fans this weekend. 

Oakland »

The CTA is running a pilot program with weekend bus service on Pershing Road.

Irving Park »

But it shouldn't be up to the girls to clean the pigeon poop under Old Irving Park's viaducts, some say.

Lincoln Square »

Folk musicians will play nearly 40 CTA stations June 10-17 during Old Town School's "Iron Heart" tour.

Bronzeville »

Green Line commuters at 35th Street said it's turned off for Sox games ... then isn't turned back on.

Downtown »

Aimee Coath of Flossmoor was killed last week while she was planning her daughter's wedding.

Downtown »

We rode the rails with Lee Crooks for a Chicago-inspired dramatic readings video.

Downtown »

Lee Crooks performs a few Chicago-inspired dramatic readings on board the city's train system.

Edgewater »

One business owner on Berwyn Avenue said the project would be a "death sentence."

Downtown »

The CTA is launching a new "courtesy campaign" targeting bad passenger behavior. Which is the worst?

Lakeview »

A resident at risk of losing his home said the CTA refused to "show its cards."

West Loop »

A new CTA system unveiled Monday aims to eliminate "bus gapping" and "bunching.”

Downtown »

North Siders, South Siders united to bring back the 31st Street and Lincoln Avenue CTA buses.

Downtown »

CTA President Forrest Claypool previously was a commissioner on the Cook County Board.