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Oakland »

Use It or Lose It: Ald. Burns Touts Weekend Service on 39 Pershing Bus

The CTA is running a pilot program with weekend bus service on Pershing Road.

Irving Park »

As City Agencies Pass the Buck on Pigeon Poop Problem, Girl Scouts Step Up

But it shouldn't be up to the girls to clean the pigeon poop under Old Irving Park's viaducts, some say.

Lincoln Square »

Here's Why The Musicians on 'L' Platforms Are About to Sound MUCH Better

Folk musicians will play nearly 40 CTA stations June 10-17 during Old Town School's "Iron Heart" tour.

Bronzeville »

CTA Riders Irked by Escalator Being Turned Off at 35th St. Green Line Stop

Green Line commuters at 35th Street said it's turned off for Sox games ... then isn't turned back on.

Downtown »

Children of Woman Fatally Struck by CTA Bus File Lawsuit

Aimee Coath of Flossmoor was killed last week while she was planning her daughter's wedding.

Downtown »

Watch the Voice of the CTA Meet Chicagoans, Interrupt Himself On Board

We rode the rails with Lee Crooks for a Chicago-inspired dramatic readings video.

Downtown »

'Doors Closing' Voice of the CTA Imitates Blues Brothers, Blago, Bueller

Lee Crooks performs a few Chicago-inspired dramatic readings on board the city's train system.

Edgewater »

Would Businesses Near Closing Red Line Stations Survive Construction?

One business owner on Berwyn Avenue said the project would be a "death sentence."

Downtown »

POLL: Which CTA Misbehavior Is The Worst?

The CTA is launching a new "courtesy campaign" targeting bad passenger behavior. Which is the worst?

Lakeview »

Neighbors of Belmont Flyover Fear Project Would 'Destroy' Clark Street

A resident at risk of losing his home said the CTA refused to "show its cards."

West Loop »

Ever Waited Forever for a Bus Only to Have 3 Show Up? CTA Hopes to Fix That

A new CTA system unveiled Monday aims to eliminate "bus gapping" and "bunching.”

Downtown »

31st St., Lincoln Ave. Bus Advocates Hope To Make Case to New CTA Boss

North Siders, South Siders united to bring back the 31st Street and Lincoln Avenue CTA buses.

Downtown »

Mayor Taps Forrest Claypool as Chief of Staff to Start Second Term

CTA President Forrest Claypool previously was a commissioner on the Cook County Board.

Lincoln Square »

North, South Siders Unite to Revive Lost CTA Bus Routes

Ald. Ameya Pawar said they're out to bring back the No. 11 Lincoln bus and the 31st Street line.

Irving Park »

Woman Killed By Blue Line Train Friday Identified

Lillian Kirkman, 56, of Douglas, died at 7:45 a.m. Friday, officials said.